Help and Support

Are product prices fixed?

No, each photographer can price their work from the product upload form and can edit the prices any time through their dashboard.

What does royalty-free mean?

Royalty-Free (RF) License (Commonly known as a Standard License) means that images can be used multiple times without paying a royalty. RF images are non-exclusive, meaning you can sell them multiple times to many customers (and on other stock photo agencies including your own website).

All images purchased on Landscapes Digital are royalty-free. Meaning the buyer has a wide range of uses for the image but in no way can claim ownership nor resell any work purchased from this website.

What happens with my copyright as a photographer?

As a photographer, you will still retain the copyrights to your images once they are submitted. Photos on this website are licensed (Royalty-free), not “sold” allowing photographers to do as they please with their own work and sell to other agencies.